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Together, we did it!

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We made it to Day 30 of my Blog series!  It has been such an honor and a privilege to have you on this journey.

In today’s Vlog, we reconnect over the 5 intentions I shared as the purpose for deciding to share this journey with you.  I hope you took away something valuable every time – whether it was a strategy you applied to your business or a shift you experienced internally. […]

June 30th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|3 Comments

3 Questions to Start Your Revenue Revolution

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The #1 frustration for 99.9% of entrepreneurs is a lack of CASH FLOW.

No matter how big or how small your business is, I’ll wager a bet that creating a consistent flow of revenues so you can pay the bills, fund the life you desire AND have plenty left over for your future is the #1 concern that you think about on a daily basis. […]

June 28th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|2 Comments

7 Stages of the Evolutionary Journey

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The key to taking the lid off your income and scaling your business, is to move from the one-to-one model to the one-to-many model, when serving clients.  However, the challenge many face is taking their intuitive process for inspiring change in their clients into programs that deliver on their promise by helping clients create the results they’re wanting.  […]

June 27th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|0 Comments

A Case For Vulnerability In Business

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I’m curious… where do you stand on the topic of VULNERABILITY in business?

In today’s vlog, I answer a question from a member of my tribe who, after honoring my willingness to be vulnerable and seen, questioned whether it was a good “business move” for her. […]

June 26th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|6 Comments

Jane’s Blog Briefs: Increasing Productivity

Heading into the final stretch of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I knew we had to cover productivity. That’s because you have to get things done to move forward.

It only made sense to make Amp Up Your Daily Productivity the theme for the week. […]

June 25th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|0 Comments

Embracing My Willingness To “Be Seen”

It’s 5:30 am on Day 23 of the 30-Day Blog series. The sun is just coming up, soft music is playing in the background and my peppermint tea tastes especially soothing as I sit down to write for you. The mug I selected was given to me by my mom last May. It depicts the little guy from Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places We Go,” confidently perched atop a colorful Seuss-like pillar.

“Oh, the places I’ve been,” I thought to myself. Now 57, I can look back over decades of adventures that shaped and molded who I am today. Whether traveling abroad, heading to graduate school, creating memories with loved ones or starting a new business, the road I’ve traveled has been windy and delicious. […]

June 23rd, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|1 Comment

The #1 Killer of Your Productivity

OK, it’s confession time. How many emails are in your Inbox right now?

I don’t mean just the bolded emails that have not been looked at. I’m referring to all of them – opened and unopened. Let me guess… a couple dozen? Hundreds or even thousands, perhaps?

If the mere thought of your email inbox conjures up a sense of dread and overwhelm, you are not alone. The never-ending assault on our inboxes is a very real problem for entrepreneurs and when gone unattended, it can derail your productivity, cause you to make costly mistakes and kill your sense of control and joy. […]

June 22nd, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|2 Comments

A Deeper Dive Into The Entrepreneurial Archetypes


In yesterday’s blog I shared the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes I’ve use for years to step powerfully into whatever role my business demanded of me. These archetypes have been my friends along this journey, helping me be the person I need to take my businesses to the next level. They are a constant reminder that deep within me, are the talents, perspectives and knowledge of a rock star entrepreneur.

So when I received this question about yesterday’s blog, I was excited to share even more.


June 21st, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|0 Comments

Discover Your Zones of Genius

As I pondered these next four blog posts dedicated to purposeful productivity, I am reflecting on why it is that I tend to get more done in a day than your typical business owner accomplishes in a day or even two. The answer… I have arrived at the place where I am able to spend 95% of my time working in what I call my “Zone of Genius.”

Your Zone of Genius is where your passion, purpose and innate talents intersect. When you’re in it, you feel a state of flow and get so lost in your work you don’t notice the passing of time. When you are “in your zone” the work seems effortless, fun and creates big results for seemingly little effort. […]

June 20th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|1 Comment

The Connection between Productivity and Profits

With yesterday being Father’s Day, my thoughts drifted to my dad whose words of wisdom stay with me still today. I suppose there is a lot about me that was shaped by my dad. My propensity for business and fierce independence. My dogged determination when I set my mind to something and my stubbornness when I feel I’m right. ;0}

So, as I turn my focus to this week’s theme, Amp Up Your Daily Productivity, I am reminded of a story my dad once told me. […]

June 19th, 2017|June 30 Day Blog|0 Comments