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Confessions of a Reluctant Planner

“Jane, your planning steps seem all well and good but frankly, I’ve been down this road time and time again! I get my vision of where I want to take my business be on paper

Up Level Your Entrepreneurial DNA

Today’s blog holds the power to literally alter your entrepreneurial DNA – by transforming the way you see, grow and enjoy the experience of growing your business.

That’s a big promise, I know,

Stating My Case For The Power Vision

The last two days, I’ve been writing about how to create a written vision for your business.

On day 1, I shared the common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when creating a business vision and day 2, I asked you to dive in and get the juices flowing by answering a few

How To Create A Bottom Line Breakthrough

I woke up this morning so happy to be back home after my whirlwind trip to Palm Springs and LA. These past 6 days have been transformative on so many levels and I am grateful to have met the angels who made that happen.

Today’s blog was inspired by an email that touched me deeply and