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The Secret To Humanizing Your Selling Experience

raining-moneySo far this week we’ve invited you to take an honest look at your relationship to selling. We do this because it’s your unspoken fear, discomfort, frustration or even disdain for selling, that is actually keeping you from stepping out, playing big and creating the sales you want.

It’s this invitation for you to explore what’s holding you back in sales, that has conjured up memories of a time (just three years ago) when I had to take a hard look at where we were with our own sales process. Our year-long mastermind offered an impressive 6 months to 6 figures path, clients were making huge strides and I loved providing the one thing every entrepreneur needs to succeed… one-on-one consulting. But despite all this, the sales weren’t rocking – at least not at the rate we wanted. […]

Day 10: How To Stop Creating What You Don't Want

Welcome to Day 10 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane”

shhh2As a business strategist and through my two tech companies, I’m in the business of helping people create the results they desire.

From helping write a plan to turn their business vision into a reality to providing technology tools that grow their business, I LOVE helping people create what they want.

Perhaps this is the reason it kills me to see well-meaning, sharp individuals unconsciously creating their own demise.

Your words are blocking your success

I hear it all the time from friends and clients… “I’m feeling overwhelmed, my marketing isn’t working, I don’t have enough leads or I’m never going to get it all done.” Through our words we are capable of doing untold damage, the least of which is perpetuating a lack of success, repelling people and opportunities and squelching our sense of hope and determination that keeps us in the game. […]

Day 5: Calling forth the Archetypes

Welcome to Day 5 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”
ArchetypeModelThe Visionary, the Evangelist, the Expert and the Leader are with me today. Have you called upon your Entrepreneurial Archetypes to help you step into your “awesome self” today?

Yesterday I explained that I end my morning practice with a look to my schedule and a calling forth of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes that will support me in being my best in every scenario that day.  This morning, this exercise was especially useful after receiving news that my mom was admitted to ICU.  It’s interesting how “life stuff” calls us to be extraordinary in our business when clients, team and prospects are depending on us no matter what is taking place. My Archetypes make me stronger.

Here’s how I use the Archetypes (a familiar band of characters) to help me be kick-ass and incredibly effective throughout my business day.

The Visionary – It’s the first day of April, a time when we as a team review our results from last month and plan our goals and objectives for this month. I’ll need my Visionary to remind me anything is possible. […]

30 Days Behind the Curtain With Jane

leapHave you ever been in that place where things are humming along, results are showing up and you feel like you are really in your zone of genius?
Then, out of nowhere, you get this nudge that it’s time to change things up and take everything about your life to the next level?

If you have, you know it can be exhilarating – sensing that the next super cool evolution of YOU is just around the corner.
You also know that such a “call to evolve” can scare the Sh*t out of you, knowing that with transformation comes its natural companions of fear, discomfort and a considerable dose of failure. […]

Project Planning 101

As you can imagine, I am a huge proponent of the power of business planning. Not only do I see its impact in the businesses of my clients, I experience it personally every day as I take steps to grow my three (yep three) businesses.  But the problem is most people HATE creating business plans. I get it! It’s not at the top of my list either.

SO while today I’m not going to dive into the “big kahuna” planning (that one year plan that details the goals, benchmarks and projects that you KNOW you truly need). Instead, I’ll share a tool for smaller scale planning for those important projects that will get you to your goal.

For clients in my 6 month Business Mastery Coaching Program, planning has become a natural and simple way of life. That’s because we make it simple by using a tool that walks you step by step through the process.  I’ll share it here just to give you a tiny taste of what’s waiting for you when you join the Business Mastery Community.

First, pick a project you’ve been meaning to make progress on – that project on your massive “To-Do” list that’s been screaming for your attention and has lots of “moving parts.” These are likely larger projects that when distilled to a list of action steps, is much easier to take on. […]

Turn Your Content into Cash with Virtual Training

Having participated in the human potential movement for two decades, as an audience member and professional speaker, it has become clear to me that the true mark of a successful speaker lies not just in what happens on stage, but more importantly, how participants are changed as they head for home. How are their lives impacted? What are they inspired to do? What positive change were you a catalyst in creating?

But here’s the rub: inspiring life-long change is a tall order when your time on stage is so fleeting. Even when your content flows perfectly and your story hits home, you still need a way to create lasting change after the lights are turned off and the attendees go home. […]

10 Steps to a Successful On-line Presence

“I want an on-line presence that is more than a blog. One that brings in additional revenues and builds my brand. Problem is… I don’t know where to begin – help!”

This is the frustration we hear regularly from small business entrepreneurs who sense it’s time to create an on-line presence that builds their credibility, grows their community, provides opportunities for online profits and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The good news is… it’s possible! Yes!
You can establish a powerful on-line presence with efficient forethought and good old-fashioned planning. True, there will be additional twists and turns along the way unique to your on-line presence, but that’s what makes the journey fun and so rewarding.

Consider these 10 steps to creating an online presence and remember we are here to help! Our expert web design team has been with us for 10 years and have mastered the web launch process – from simple cost-effective websites to full blown community web communities. We’ve got your back!

Step #1: Define Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

No matter how high tech and visually pleasing your site is, if you don’t have a compelling offer that’s unique and clearly defined; on-line success will likely elude you. The answer is to begin your on-line journey with a well-defined USP that speaks to the needs of the people you want to serve. By taking time to enhance your competitive position you will lay the foundation for a long and prosperous on-line career.


Seven Tips for Taking Your Content Virtual

Having delivered fourteen virtual courses to more than 4000 students, I’ve learned a few insider secrets that can make or break your virtual training success.

I offer them here in the interest of shortening your learning curve as you join the virtual training movement.

1. Give Them Your Best – Your first E-Learning Platform should be based on your most popular program – your signature content upon which your brand is built. By transforming your content into an ongoing, step-by-step experience we allow participants to settle into our message and gradually weave our strategies and the principles into their lives.

2. Begin With the End In Mind – As the saying goes, you can’t hit a target you can’t see.  So no matter what your topic, begin the program with a pre-course exercise that helps participants create a clear vision of where they want to end up after experiencing your course. From hitting a financial goal, defining their ideal weight, or indentifying a personal dream they truly desire, you want participants to see and feel the results before they begin.  This keeps them focused on the end goal and inspires them to take the action steps you’ve outlined for them.

3. Give Them A Starting Point To Measure From – One important way to keep participants engaged in your e-course is to help them recognize and measure their progress along the way.  I recommend you start with a series of pre-course assessment questions that provide a numerical representation of where they are with regard to your topic. This assessment provides motivation to keep taking the steps you suggest and provides evidence of their progress. Clients who can measure progress are more likely to stay in the game and tell others about their experience. […]

Where Do You Invest Your Time?

The answer may be killing your profits and your passion.

wheelAs a business strategist I help business earn more and have more fun doing it.  How we do that varies for each client. Sometimes we expand into new markets or tweak how they […]

Humility and It’s Place In Marketing

humilityHumility, in its purest form, has been hailed in movies, honored in classrooms and preached from the pulpits. But what is it really? What is at the heart of humility? Look up humility on line and you’ll see it defined as the quality […]

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