How to Overcome Your Biggest Business Blocks

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Something interesting happened…

Every Wednesday, I gather with my private mastermind clients for 90 minutes of pure business-building gold. It’s a remarkable group of people committed to taking their business to the next level, in a way that’s leveraged, aligned with their values and totally fun.

I’ve got to say that this Wednesday call was off the hook!

Perhaps that’s because I’m so freaking happy to be back to my normal self, or that I absolutely love nudging entrepreneurs to see and experience their business in a whole new light. Who knows? But what blew me away this week was what happened after the call. […]

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Mastering The Mastermind Experience – Part 1

brain-imageLet’s face it, this entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely path. Confusion, worry, overwhelm and doubt run side-by-side with fun, exhilaration, passion and purposefulness. Unless you’ve actually gone to school to learn all this stuff, figuring it all out can be a pretty daunting task.

Enter… the Mastermind Experience! When it’s done right, it’s “business school on steroids.” When it’s not done right, it can drain the member’s reserves – both emotionally and financially. I know because I’ve invested in my fair share of masterminds. While some managed to deliver value, much of what I took away is what I did not want to do within my own mastermind offer.


Day 27: Seven Secrets of the Unstoppable Team

Welcome to day 27 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

UnstoppableConnectionsIf you read my last blog you know I was recently challenged, along with 5 other women to 1) produce a product 2) select a charitable cause and 3) raise as much money as we could in only 4 hours on a Friday night.
What resulted was nothing short of miraculous… $4000 raised for Rising International and a “team building experience” that will forever shape how we each lead our teams.

Priceless lessons came from this experience, and I’m detailing them here so we can all apply them to our next business project where the stakes are really high.

So what made this team unstoppable? […]

Day 23: Conscious Collaboration

Welcome to day 23 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

BrainYesterday I did something that many would call “crazy.” I spent 2 hours training the staff of a company that could be considered my competition. In two value packed hours, I shared insights, which have taken us over 9 years to understand, about how to excel in the area of virtual course delivery and offered advice on pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to leverage.

Why would I offer up some of our best “intellectual know-how” to someone who plays in the same sandbox as we do? Because of something I call “conscious collaboration.” I live from a belief that one can never really “own” an idea and being generous with information that will move the industry forward, in the end comes back to me in a Karmic loop of goodness and contribution. […]

The Beauty of Imperfect Action

As a business owner, one of the things that is becoming clear to me is the importance of imperfect action, or choosing progress over perfection.

In my world, imperfect action may look like:
The email that goes out with a typo, despite reviewing it twice
The timeline that isn’t as spacious as we would like but gets the job done
The sales video that isn’t as polished as I’d like but truly shares my heart
The website that is far from what I want it to be but still engages my tribe

I’m sharing this with you because in truth, imperfect action is not easy for me – it goes against my natural human tendency to want to look good and to model what I teach. But it always brings some kind of reward to both myself and the team. Sometimes it’s in the form of sales; other times it’s in the form of a referral. But we are always paid a huge dividend in the form of a new distinction that we can take forward to our next attempt or project. […]

Daily Success Habits for Entrepreneurs

As you know, running a home-based business requires maintaining a balanced life. On one hand, you may develop workaholic tendencies, checking emails at the dinner table and taking calls at all hours of the night. On the other hand, especially if you’re feeling unsure of how to proceed with your business, you may become lax and unproductive.

Working from home requires that we develop regular habits that bring balance and keep us focused. About a year ago, I created a list of daily actions that enrich my life and my work. These activities are not directly related to the day-to-day tasks of running a business, but they help me to feel at ease with myself and the way I use my time. While I have 15 items on my list now, I started with 8 or so activities that I hold sacred and important to living in alignment with my values and vision. Each item, while simple and seemingly insignificant –form the foundation for keeping myself centered, healthy and happy. When I truly embrace them, they add up to a day filled with all the things that are important to me. Here’s what I hold for each day… […]

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How to Get "Unstuck"

As a mentor and trainer, I help entrepreneurs to overcome the hurdles that keep them from success. One of these challenges is getting stuck – finding yourself in a place of inaction despite wanting to keep growing. You may have thoughts like, “I want my business to grow so badly. But for some reason, I just can’t get myself to make the phone calls. I can’t get myself to get on the phone, I can’t get myself out the door to network.”

If you’re finding yourself in a place of inaction–if you’re feeling stuck–sometimes it’s because the vision isn’t exciting enough, or as I say, juicy enough. Maybe you feel like you need permission to have a bigger vision for yourself. Trust me – you are permitted! Make it juicy, make it fun, make it a kind of vision that inspires you to jump out of bed in the morning to get to work. […]

The Power of Time Blocking

When you are the CEO of your own business, you have the potential to be pulled in ten different directions at once. It’s essential that you find some way to structure your time so that all areas of your life receive the attention they need. My method of time blocking involves choosing a primary focus or theme for each day of the week. This way, I know which hat I’m wearing each day! And this way of planning allows me to focus on one of the five archetypes of entrepreneurship each day. You will develop a time blocking strategy that’s unique to you and your business, but here’s what a typical week looks like for me. […]

Quantum Leap Your Success with High-Payoff Tasks!

From fine-tuning your message to amping up your marketing efforts, there will always be things you can do to enhance your success. But how can you tell the difference between action steps that create marginal results and those that create breakthroughs? This is an […]

Seven Secrets of a Happy Entrepreneur

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The other day I asked myself… “What are the common threads among those who succeed in business?”

I looked at my own experience of growing five businesses.
I looked at my friends & colleagues who are also building successful business.
I looked at my clients who are making great progress – taking huge leaps.

And then it hit me… while there were many similarities and best practices among all of them – one totally stood out for me.

A common thread among all my successful, entrepreneurial friends is that they are all…
genuinely grateful, joy-filled HAPPY people!

So then I asked another question… “What do successful entrepreneurs do to stay happy?”

Following are my discoveries as I went on a HUNT for the strategies, perspectives and SECRETS of the HAPPY entrepreneur.  While the list was long, I’m sharing SEVEN that you can apply to your life and business TODAY to increase your level of HAPPINESS and become a magnet for success!