Seven Secrets of a Happy Entrepreneur

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The other day I asked myself… “What are the common threads among those who succeed in business?”

I looked at my own experience of growing five businesses.
I looked at my friends & colleagues who are also building successful business.
I looked at my clients who are making great progress – taking huge leaps.

And then it hit me… while there were many similarities and best practices among all of them – one totally stood out for me.

A common thread among all my successful, entrepreneurial friends is that they are all…
genuinely grateful, joy-filled HAPPY people!

So then I asked another question… “What do successful entrepreneurs do to stay happy?”

Following are my discoveries as I went on a HUNT for the strategies, perspectives and SECRETS of the HAPPY entrepreneur.  While the list was long, I’m sharing SEVEN that you can apply to your life and business TODAY to increase your level of HAPPINESS and become a magnet for success!


A “Chance” Encounter With A Thought Leader

jillboltetaylor1In my last entry, I shared the power of finding my purpose and eluded to some of the magical encounters I’ve had since stepping into this space.  Here’s one I have to share…

It had been less than 16 hours since first writing, […]

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