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Out of Your Head and Onto Paper


“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

I like to think about stuff. I like the act of reflecting, I like to mull things over, pondering a move or an action before taking it has always worked well for me. […]

Turn Your Vision Into A Plan

whats-your-planThe really cool thing about a vision is that it takes us to a place of possibility. With a clear, compelling, written vision for where we want to be at a certain time in the future, we can more easily chart our course on how to get there.

But how do you do that? How do you take a “right brain” expression of what your heart desires and turn it into an actionable plan that keeps you focused and on track toward your goals?

Call me a Strategy Geek if you’d like but this, my friend, is an element of business that I absolutely love. Planning gives you power – plain and simple – so today I’m giving you the process I’ve used to build seven businesses, over the last 30 years. You with me? […]

Small Self, Big Self: How to Access Your Own Wisdom and Clarity

ladybug_and_chameleon_by_vladstudioHonesty. Transparency. Vulnerability.

These are noble attributes in a person. For most of us, we strive to live our lives according to them. At least we say we do. But to be honest, transparent and vulnerable…I mean truly honest, transparent and vulnerable – first with ourselves and then with others – is complicated. To be so can feel like a huge risk. In very real ways it can feel downright life threatening.

Why the heck is that? Why is it sometimes so damn hard to be open and honest about where we find ourselves in a particular moment or in our lives in general? […]

Action In The Face of Fear, Self-Doubt and Worry

AKA… My Challenge Kick-off Confession

stormIt’s 6 am on the morning before we kick-off the 30-Day Big Finish Challenge and I’m leaning into my morning practice. It’s dark outside, the candles are lit, Liquid Mind is playing on the Bose and I’ve got my journal in hand.

I want to make sense of what I’m feeling this morning – a mixture of “Holy shit, what have I committed to?” and “Yay, this is going to be fun!”


Let’s End 2016 In A Really Big Way!

breakthrough2Last December, I embarked upon a 30-Day challenge during which I revealed, in a rather transparent and personal way, my four-week journey toward ending 2015 strong so I could step powerfully into 2016 ready to rock.

It was inspired by the stark realization that for me that after 29 years of consistent business success, 2015 pretty much sucked. For the better part of that year I had been off my game, feeling uninspired and in a fog. The 30-Day Finish Strong Challenge was my opportunity to hit the reset button and chart a new course for 2016. I made my journey public through daily blog posts as a way to hold myself accountable and help others who were also feeling off their game. Turned out, I wasn’t the only one needing a reset. A couple thousand people came along for the ride – perhaps you were among them? […]

Confessions of an Empowered Woman

cew“Share how you transformed yourself into an empowered woman.” That was the request of Rosie Aiello, the vibrant woman behind the Empowered Women’s Series, which I am honored to be a part of.

Hmmm… to write about that, one must first embrace what “being an empowered woman” means. Images of Superwoman and sharply dressed, broad-shouldered moguls come to mind. Nope, that’s not what “being an empowered woman” means to me.

Being an empowered woman (to me) means I am an advocate of my vision, my values and those things and people that I care about. It means I take action to right the things that pull at my heartstrings and I’m willing to take risks to make a difference, change the world and live an abundant life. […]

Day 11: 3 Simple Steps to a Clear, Compelling Vision

Dream VisionOne thing I’ve learned over the years is, whenever I feel the need to re-ignite my passion and activate my ability to manifest what I want, I need only to return to the vision I am holding for my life. Your vision is a purpose-driven expression of what you want your life to look and feel like at a specific time in the future, which inspires you to take daily steps towards bringing it into fruition.

My vision…

  • Engages my heart, mind and spirit in the process of creating a great life.
  • Helps me see the smaller steps and projects that will get me to where I want to be.
  • Inspires me to stay focused on taking daily actions that lead to bigger wins.
  • Gives my everyday life more significance, meaning and fun.