One of the smartest ways to ensure your course is a raving success is to have an experienced set of eyes on your course content and flow. From the way you’ve laid out each module, to the volume of content you include, getting input from Curriculum Design Specialists can mean the difference between it being a total flop or an outrageous success.

During your Curriculum Consultation, you will see your course flow, unfold before your eyes as she assesses, tweaks and fine-tunes your course flow using her proprietary Course Audit Process.

  • Is your course promise articulating the outcomes your clients are willing to pay for?
  • Is the content laid out with the natural progression of personal transformation in mind?
  • Have you equipped your students at the onset of the course for the emotional journey ahead?
  • Have you offered a “road map” or visual representation of the path your clients will walk?
  • Do you have the right amount of content for each step in the process?
  • Are you taking into account the numerous learning styles and student personalities you will have among your tribe?
  • Have you built in a process that will inform you of which students are on track and which are falling behind?
  • Do you have a way to easily measure your student’s progress so you can benchmark the progress she will make?
  • Have you created a community and feedback loop that serves as a lifeline for your clients?
  • Are you benchmarking completion with a graduation module that not only recognizes their accomplishments, but also invites them to invest in the next level of your work.

Whether you want to fine tune an existing course or mastermind your next masterpiece, a Curriculum Consultation will shine the light on how to design an exceptional course experience that becomes the profit engine of your business.

Note: These consultations are recorded via GoTo Meeting so you can watch the transformation and then revisit it any time. After your session, you will receive an updated version of your course flow and additional notes and suggestions from Jane.

90 minute Curriculum Consultation: $797