Imagine having the skills to take your expertise or gift for impacting positive change in the lives of your clients and transforming it into a powerful and profitable program that becomes the profit engine of your business.

This is the promise of Pathways to Profitable Programs.

Course-flowThrough a series of five value-packed Modules and easy-to-use templates, worksheets and exercises, Jane and her team of content design specialists will help you get your proven process out of your head and into a signature program that drives the profitability of your business.

Here’s the steps we will take together…

In this module, you’ll come to understand what it takes to inspire lasting, meaningful change in your clients. You’ll discover what keeps clients from completing a program and learn how to keep them engaged to experience the results they desire. You’ll also be able to test the marketability of your course using our proved methods.

Whether your Signature Program is at the core of your business, this new understanding will strengthen your authority in your niche and result in a powerful program that becomes the Profit Engine of your business.

The lights really start to turn as you discover your “Curriculum Architecture” in this module. We’ll take inventory of your current content, align what your tribe is wanting with your core genius to identify the different levels of content and we’ll design your program packages. What results is a clearly defined blueprint for building the successful, scalable business you’ve always wanted.

It’s here where we’ll explore your Lucrative Launch model and we will forecast the quarterly revenues you expect to generate with your new program.

In this module, you’ll discover our proprietary process for easily and intuitively designing a program that delivers on your promise of results. Using the Module Mapping Process™ and our easy-to-use templates, we will map out your module content and “mix up your modalities” to serve multiple learning styles and personalities. The result will be a curriculum plan that will naturally evolve into your best work yet.
In this module you begin to see your course come to life. We provide you with a blueprint for producing an Orientation that wows your clients and sets the tone for a truly remarkable experience.

You’ll take another important step towards becoming “launch ready”, producing Module 1 content. To inspire authenticity and ease in the production of audios and videos, I will share my own path to finding my comfort zone when creating course content.

In this module we turn your full attention to launching and leveraging your course. You’ll discover innovative approaches to your lucrative launch and we will be there to inspire, nudge, mentor and coach you to take the powerful steps to bring your program to a global audience.

Whether it’s your first launch or your fifteenth, we will be there to provide you with the pieces to hold a fun and financially rewarding launch by enabling you to attract, engage and enroll your ideal clients.

Whether you are fairly new in business or looking to revolutionize your existing revenue model, Pathway to Profitable Programs will equip you with the skills, strategies and knowledge to design, deliver and scale your greatest work yet.

Let’s discover your next best move!

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