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Meet Our Valued Clients

We are proud to showcase a select group of our valued clients who are using their Virtual Academies to attract new and engaged clients.

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Inner Mean Girl™ Reform School Transformational Adventure

Client: Amy Ahlers
The Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves

Website: http://www.innermeangirlprogram.com/

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Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics

Client: Karen Rohlf
Leading International Educator of Equestrians in the Sport of Dressage

Website: http://www.dressagenaturally.net/

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The Engaged Dog

Client: Brenda Aloff
Animal Enthusiast & Professional Dog Trainer

Website: http://www.brendaaloff.com/

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Realize Your Events and Retreats Action Program

Client: Caterina Rando
Women’s Business Coach & Mentor

Website: http://www.caterinarando.com/

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Profit Breakthrough System

Client: Cathy Wagner
Retail & Profit Expert

Website: http://www.profitbreakthroughsystem.com/

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The Heart Source: Activating Personal Power

Client: Cathy Chapman
Psychotherapist and Personal Coach

Website: http://www.odysseytowholeness.com/

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Procrastination Annihilation

Client: Steve Taubman
Empowerment Expert

Website: http://www.stevetaubman.com/

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LinkedIn Success

Client: Wendy Stevens
Personal Branding & LinkedIn Specialist

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachwendystevens

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Accelerated SAT Mastery

Client: Daniel Herzberg
SAT Coach & Teacher

Website: http://www.acceleratedsatmastery.com/

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Clutter To Calm Course

Client: Diane Halfman
Life Coach

Website: http://www.dianehalfman.com/

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Reclaiming Wellness After Cancer

Client: Dr. Shani Fox
Cancer Survivor Doctor

Website: http://www.drshanifox.com/

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Transformational Speaking—Online

Client: Gail Larsen
Speaking Coach & Mentor

Website: http://www.realspeaking.com/

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Beyond Numbers: Follow Up

Client: Jason Selk
Financial Master & Coach

Website: http://www.enhancedperformanceinc.com/

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The 5 Essential Steps to Rekindle Your Joy and Passion

Client: Jean Marchand
Life Coach

Website: http://www.beyondfinancialsuccess.com/

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Tribal Marketing

Client: Jeffrey Van Dyk
Marketing & Business Coach

Website: http://www.jeffreyvandyk.com/

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Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics

Client: Karen Rohlf
Leading International Educator of Equestrians in the Sport of Dressage

Website: http://www.dressagenaturally.net/

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Take Action Social Media

Client: Karen Clark
Social Media Expert & Coach

Website: http://www.mybusinesspresence.com/

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Foundational Coaching Certification

Client: Kimberly Zink
Leadership Coach

Website: http://www.klemmer.com/

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Contest Prep Secrets University

Client: Kimberly Doehnert
Women’s Fitness and Contest Prep Coach

Website: http://www.kimberlydoehnert.com/

Foundation Course

Client: Michelle Schubnel
Experienced and Accomplished Coach for Coaches

Website: http://www.coachandgrowrich.com/

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5 Keys to Outrageous Achievement

Client: Leslie Zann
Business and Direct Selling Master and Coach

Website: http://www.lesliezann.com/

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Career Success Foundation

Client: Libby Gill
Career Renovation Guru

Website: http://www.libbygill.com

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Unlock Your Prosperity Code

Client: Louise Fowller
Business Coach & Soul Searching Expert

Website: https://www.facebook.com/louise.fowler.90

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Menopause Breakthrough

Client: Dr. Machelle Seibel
Accomplished Menopause Practitioner

Website: http://www.drmache.com/

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Leadership That Inspires

Client: Marceta Reilly
Leadership Coach

Website: http://www.marcetareilly.com/

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Launching Your Baldrige-Based Quality Classroom On-Line Course

Client: Jeanne C Baxter
Leadership & Teaching Expert

Website: http://www.qualityeducationassociates.com/

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6 Steps To The Top Of Your Pay Plan

Client: Margie Aliprandi
Self-Made Millionaire – Personal and Professional Coach and Accelerator

Website: http://www.margiealiprandi.com/

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Money Magnet Rapid Transformation Breakthrough Program

Client: Morgana Rae
Teacher, Speaker, and Pioneer in Personal and Business Development

Website: http://www.morganarae.com/

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Principles and Evidence of Health and Wellbeing

Client: Rosy Daniel
Health Creator & Accomplished Doctor

Website: http://www.healthcreation.co.uk/

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Business Development Breakthrough

Client: Rhonda Page
Designer & Evolved Brand Strategist

Website: http://www.rhondapage.com/